Why Hire a Genealogist?

Why Hire A Genealogist?

There are many reasons to let a professional genealogist help you with your family tree research.

  • A professional genealogist can consult with you in selecting the right tools and information sources in the event that you do want pursue your genealogy on your own.
  • Searches can be time-consuming.  The knowledge and experience that a professional genealogist has, can reduce the amount of time required to find the information you need.  It is very easy to get lost in your search efforts, especially if you are not sure where to look.
  • An honest genealogist will not charge you for work they are unable to complete.  They will also provide you detailed records of their searches, and the activities they performed.  This will ensure you are not duplicating any efforts in the future.
    • The cost for you to enroll in the many genealogy websites, and many historical societies, can be cost prohibitive.  As a professional genealogist, I have access to all major genealogy sites (as well as some of the lesser known sites).

Genealogy and your Ancestors are a personal matter.

  1.  All work completed by me is treated with utmost confidentiality, and a confidentiality agreement will be signed at the time of agreement of work.  No information will be shared with anyone without your express permission.
  2. All activities conducted by me will be documented for your review, including expenses I incur under a package (even if you do not pay those expenses directly).
  3. Activity updates will be provided on a regular basis, depending upon the work being completed.
  4. I respect colleagues in this profession, and will not infringe on any work that has been completed by them.
  5. I seek facts, not convenient fiction.
  6. All reports and final work provided to you will become your proprietary information.   I will maintain a confidential copy of the final work for an agreed upon time to allow you time to digest and determine if any additional work may be required.   Those copies will never be shared or used for any other purpose.