Individual Record Requests For Individual Records Request, an hourly rate of $45/hour is charged, plus any expenses for copying, access, etc., as required and charged. Expenses will be fully documented.

Research Package Evaluation and Consultation

A 4-Hour Consultation to include the collection of client’s information as they know it, existing records or reports, or the completion of the starter questionnaire for new research. This is when we share as much information as possible up front to form a good picture of what you know, and what is missing, and suggestions will be provided as to where you might want to move forward with additional research. This consultation also includes a review of the report provided, and a discussion on any future research goals.

Research Packages

Moving forward, you can select certain packages, depending on the time you want spent on additional research. The fees for these packages include all reasonable expenses (copying, access fees, etc.). If an extraordinary expense is incurred, you will determine whether you want us to pursue that expense, and will only be executed/charged upon your consent.
4 Hours: $145.00
8 Hours: $240.00
16 Hours: $480.00
32 Hours: $960.00
40 Hours: $1,120.00
If you do not want to commit to a package price, you can hire on the hourly rate, plus expenses.