Plans and Prices

Packages and Pricing

Initial Research Consultation 

Initial Fee to start your research.  A 4-Hour Consultation to include the review of your  information as you know it, existing records and reports, or the completion of an initial interview to determine research goals.   $160 usd

After the initial research consultation, you can select how deep you wish to dive into your family records, based on the plan identified in your consultation report.  The consultation report includes package selections, depending on the future research plan.  The number of hours you select will determine the cost, and how deep the research will go. 

Each package will include a Research Report with itemized details of activities, and the costs for each package include all reasonable printing, and administrative expenses.

If an extraordinary expense presents itself during this research process, you will be notified and can either accept or deny the charge prior to its spend.

 Hours of Dedicated work for $190 usd

Hours of Dedicated work for $360 usd.

Hours of Dedicated work for $672 usd.

Hours of Dedicated work for $1,344 usd.

Hours of Dedicated work for $1.560 usd.